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Assembly Equipment:

  • Vibratory Feeders, Cascade and Stainless Bowls
  • Orbital Riveters, Single- and Multi-Point Heads
  • Auto feed Screwdrivers, Handheld, Bench Top & Systems
  • Precision Hand Presses, Rack & Pinion and Toggle
  • Direct Acting Air Presses, Bench Top & Modular
  • Servo Press Systems, Modular & Complete Work Cells
  • QC & Process Verification for Hand-, Air- and ServoPress Systems
  • Cam Driven Indexers, Pick & Place Devices and Precision Link Systems
  • Conveyors - Belt, Low-Profile, Variable Shape, Vacuum and more.
  • Centrifugal Feeders
  • Part Supply Hoppers and Bulk Feeders
  • Non-Synchronous Pallet Transfer Systems


  • Heavy Duty Weld Constructed Machine Bases with Blanchard & Surface Ground Finish
  • Custom Machine Bases & Frames with custom Machining requirements
  • Flame Cut Steel Plates

Leak Test Instruments & Systems:

  • Instruments for Air Pressure, Pressure Decay, Differential, Vacuum, Mass Flow, Flow, Ramp to Event, Burst, Occlusion and Volumetric Testing
  • Instruments for Tracer Gas Test Applications
  • Tracer Gas Recovery Systems
Traceability & Marking Equipment:
  • DotPeen Marking Equipment – Bench Top & Hand Held
  • VibraPeen Marking Equipment - Bench Top
  • CO2 Laser Marking – Bench Top & OEM
  • YAG Fiber Laser Marking – Bench Top & OEM